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Obama’s Dictator Bitch, Morsi Is Shooting Protesters. LEFTISTS LOVE Revolution Violence

Leftist LOVE this insanity-LOVE IT.  They live for people dying so they can have their Commie/Muslim insanity. Yesterday, they loved Crowder getting attacked, LOVED IT.  They live for people murdering each other. Leftist LOVE division-they created it. They are children of SATAN.

Now, in Egypt, Morsi is starting to use masked men to shoot the opposition:

CAIRO (AP) — Masked gunmen attacked opposition protesters camped out at Cairo’s Tahrir Square early on Tuesday, firing birdshot at them and wounding nine people, security officials said.

Read more: here

Unfortunately, the whole earth is cursed with the satanic/liberals & needs to be cleansed by God Almighty..

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