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This is what  commenters on the Youtube video say:



never help the rebels in syria! it will turn out just like libia you are going to make a almost democratic country a islamic dictatorship!!!



PlanetEarthAwakens01 9 hours ago

Stop pushing propaganda, a Syrian translated what the doctor said and the injuries are the product of shelling not chemicals.




Oh, US gobernmint why u no just atack? We knows you wants to. No need to give us fake videos.




Bulllshit, Bullshit, Bullshit ……

NIce try you fucking animals ….. but what can one expect from a bunch of muslims … you’re going to have to get much better than that with the make-up before you start whimpering about chemical attacks …


johnny Walnuts 

As a person who has trained in NBC warfare …. I can say that these victims don’t look like they are showing real effects of any chemical warfare agent.First of all, the ears and necks as well as the scalps are fine and only the exact perimeter of the face is affected (with unseen, bandaged hands). The ‘make-up’ seems consistent with color and ‘peeling’ in a purely symetrical fashion that doesn’t resemble the real effects of a chemical agent. Sorry, looks fake as hell

We believe this is propaganda from Muslim bro’hood Jihadists in Syria to push us into more war, which is the number one priority for Obama.  Obama wants to install a more harsh dictatorship into Syria as he did in Libya and Egypt.  Remember: He will stand with the Muslims.  Actually, the Muslim Jihadists.

Hat tip:

Israel Matsav

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