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COMING TO AMERICA: Obama’s Egyptian Dictator BITCH, Morsi Sends ARMY To Streets Of Egypt To Clear It Of Protesters.

Well, well, well…Where is the phoney-ass, bullshit ‘liberal’ American protesters to stop this?  We all know that every minute of every hour of every day – they lie.  They don’t give a damn about anything in this world except dictators in power-grabs.  Their current love affair with the moron Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama.  The “liberals” are probably madly in love with Morsi. “Liberals” LOVE dictators. LOVE THEM.  “Liberals” are such a cancer on every society they inhabit-the spawn of satan.

ARMY ULTIMATUM: GET OFF THE STREETS… You think this can’t happen here?? Well, you are insane if you think not.

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