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Here are the facts whether you like it or not:

#1. First and foremost- Obama & Hillary started the Syrian mess.

#2. If Assad wishes to use the gas on the Jihadists – God bless him, hope he wipes every last Jihadist out.  This also will mean that Obama will be losing ground in the M.E.

#3.  The Syrian clusterfuck is part of the Arab-Spring that Obama, Hillary, Rice and Powers started, they even demanded that Assad ‘step down’ as if they are the high and mighty power of the universe. 

#4. Russia & China told us to BUTT OUT of this Syrian mess.  

#5. If we do NOT butt out, get used to bombs in our own country, even a nuke.

Face it American people; We have NO moral authority at this point to make demands.  We are NOT the ‘top dog’ anymore.  We have a MUSLIM as the CIC.  When are you going to GET that we have been taken over by Bolsheviks/Progressives/Communists that want the world to submit to Marxism AND Islam? Also face the fact that the BASTARD, Obama is the one enabling and funding the Jihadist Muslim bro’hood.

How in the FUCK can you be ‘proud to be an American?’  Stop the bullshit.  

These people need to be OUSTED.  And while I am on the subject of OBAMAS MESS…. What happened with the Benghazi massacre?  Just like I said; It will go AWAY.  

SO, my Conclusion; You are SO HAD by the MSM.

CLICK: US sources: Syria puts sarin chemicals into bombs & it’s none of our biz


CLICK: Clinton the lying bitch warns Syria not to use chemical weapons


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