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Same Ol Story, same ol song and dance, my friends.. I thought that the Democrat party was against war? Hmmm?   Lies, lies and more lies, day after day. The Democrat party IS Al Qaeda. Period!!

So far, the Democrats went into Egypt with boots on the ground, destroyed Egypt and the Egyptians have suffered 2 revolutions because of OBAMA & HILLARY.  They demanded that Mubarak step down from his position and this destroyed the peace with Israel.  Then, their mouths of blood were not satisfied..They went into Libya (also boots on the ground-NO votes from congress to do so), & assisted in murdering Gadaffi after he surrendered.  Not only did they help murder a leader of another country, they sat back while he was sodomized before he was murdered.  This is from the Democrat party of ‘human rights.’  Even Bush does not come close to these filty, disgusting, Muslim, ass-kissing, murdering psychopaths.  What happened with all of our ‘efforts?’ in Libya?  We ended up with 3 dead military men and an ambassador KIA and drug through the streets..

People are dead all over the east because of these MURDERERS. You can add Nigeria, Yemen & Pakistan to the list of countries being droned and their citizens murdered by OUR technology.   Not too worry too much.. Russia and China have asked Obama to but out, he refuses.  Soon there will be Russian and Chinese troops in AmeriKa.  Americans believe that Assad is wrong though, because they are dup’d, brainwashed dopes.  “Conservative” Pundits believe that Assad just became a cold blooded killer out of NO WHERE.

Remember Slick Will? `The world is watching Saddam Hussein’  I sure do…

See this:
These people care nothing for foreigners.  What makes you think they will not do the same thing with you?  We can’t ‘flee’ because the whole world hates Americans.
I wrote the same thing in July:
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