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Fuckestine Is Now A State.  This Means There Should Be NO MORE Rockets From Bomb throwing Palis, Right?
If you actually believe that these people will stop the rocket attacks, you are a stupid moonbat.  This news also makes Jew haters (UN LOVERS) wrong….AGAIN!!!  Jew/Israel haters can pretend they hate the UN, etc.. But, its all bullshit.  They LOVE this news AND love the UN–They LOVE IT….!!! This means that the ‘anti war, anti government, anti NWO’ Libertarians are now UN Lovers? Yuck.
  There MAY be a cease-fire for a little time, but a very little time.  This is prophesied of, by the way.  In the end ages, this is in prophecy.  This also means there is a satanic devil man & regime that is alive and kicking.  Probably Barack HUSSEIN Osama.  There will NEVER be a real peace until the Messiah shows up in POWER and authority to save the Jewish people.
Hunter T • 

  • Haha, this is like giving an out of control kid a lollipop to shut them up for 15 minutes. Nothing’s changed except the UN, whoever really cares what they think anyways, has allowed you pathetic Palastininan losers to call Gaza a state, now what? They will never have economic power, millitary might, or influence on anything significant in the world, they breed violence and stupidity…nuff said.’
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