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Look for dead ambassadors, Marines, etc in Cairo… its a comin’.

The deceptive O administration has royally stirred up a major hornets nest in the M.E., killing & plundering countries.  End result will be major loss of life-mostly to our people.  Why? Because we are not supposed to be there. Period.  WHAT are we doing in these countries???  People will die for nothing on eboth sides of this chaos & SNAFU.

Obama is a Muslim, he started this mess.  We are loathed and hated now more than ever.  I used to not care if we were hated when I was a lot younger.  I do now after seeing “Obama 2016″ for sure..  Obama is the WORST thing that has happened to America and  the whole world. (Well, America deserves it) He is an enemy of humanity. 

CLICK for this update in Egypt: MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD GOONS Threaten and Beat Reporters – AP Reporter Detained

I digress…I wrote this last yr:

 P. AsheDina, 

© 2011

The world has gone insane, with Obama the profane.
A murderer at will, the ‘liberal’ thrill.
A can of worms, in the east is open.
This is the change, in which you were hopin’?
In a world gone mad, Obama uses scheme.
The biggest instigator of Islam extreme.
What were you thinking, USA?
That a lying, Muslim, psycho would lead the way?
What is his identity? Nobody knows.
What’s even worse, is, nobody cares.
Just look at his supporters, and their vacant stares.
He came out of no-place, this tyrant occupier.
America is sinking, deep in muck and mire.
The law of the land is gone with the wind.
America is in free fall, and political spin.
The liars on television, smile at us.
Backing the Manchurian, without a whimper or a fuss.
Megyn Kelly makes me sick.
Bob Beckel is an arrogant prick.
Shepard Smith is a clueless wonder.
Fox and ‘friends’, stole Hank Williams Thunder.
Where are the William Wallaces?
The Joan of Arcs?
The Patrick Henry’s are missing in the dark.
Obama is a fascist, with a brain you can see.
Hitler is black man, executive orders are his key:
To destroy.
To kill.
To take.
To eat his fill.
The world is insane, Obama is profane.
God have mercy, that’s all that is left.
I am so disappointed, and completely bareft.
Ponder on these thoughts, and wake yourself up.
I could go on, but, everything is so corrupt.

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