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I had a dream…..that I Needed Your HELP.

I am a Daughter of the American Revolution & 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois, indigenous by my Dad.  (Portugee-Jew by my Mom)

I am writing to inform you that this country, which is mine, has been hijacked by Zombies.  Otherwise known as radical leftists.  There is an address that we have every year.   The WHOLE government meets on 1/30/2013 in Washington D.C for a ‘state of the Union’ address.  Every single member of the house and senate is present, plus the current illegal occupier, Barack Hussein Obama. He will be there, giving another of his blow-hard speeches of bullshit run amok.

Your prompt response would be appreciated on the last day of January.  Just think:  All of these assholes will be in one place at one time.  Taking care of the worlds problem right now would save you a LOT of money.  Also, take into consideration that the planet would be at your feet & forever indebted to you, ditto a few sane Americans that are left in the USSA gulags..

Thank You,

Just one little gals opinion, (which is still protected by the 1st Amendment)

The Mad Jewess

PS: I will make sure Tray Gowdy is not there.

PPSS:  I realize this can be taken down and given a ’404′ error.  But what the hell…

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