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On 9/11 2012 four Americans were killed by Muslim savages in a planned attack.   Help was requested but denied by the traitors in Washington.  Of course, Obama as a Muslim is not allowed to kill fellow Muslims in defense of infidels, so no help could come.  So far the White house has stone walled and the weaklings in congress are to afraid to do anything other than move at a snails pace with the investigation as to who knew what and when.

Of the four killed, one was an ambassador, a high level representative of the State Department.  He came came back with three fighting men who tried to help but were overwhelmed by the Religion of Peace.

There is something missing here.  As an active ambassador killed in the line of duty, isnt he supposed to get a state funeral?  If he is, then why didnt he?  This is a question that no one is asking.  Well, I will ask.  Is this part of the cover up?

David Ben Moshe

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