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I will be doing what I always do:  Singing for Vets of WW2, Korea, & a few  Vietnam vets at a Retirement home.   We were asked to sing at a big lounge, but I relinquished.  The elderly people that have sacrificed need me more.. Young schmucks don’t deserve it.    Sure, its less pay, but the priority is where it’s at. 

After I get home from a short dinner at a local restaurant… I will thank God for his blessings upon my husband and me.  Then, I will beg for his mercy. To please remember that I have fought the good fight and will continue.  I will have my sackcloth and ashes in spirit, mourning my lost America for my ancestors, (the indigenous Senecas/Iroquois)   I will weep in spirit because the America that my grandparents, mother and father gave to me – is no longer existent.     I will beg my GOD to repay these vile, evil leftist (satanists) and thank him for the victory in the end over their satanic, ‘gay’, debaucherous, baby-murdering evil ways.


(No disrespect to right minded younger folk)

Who UNDERSTAND sacrifice……And to the rest of you evil jerks:  You dont deserve turkey, ham, or anything.  You are truly a WORTHLESS lot of miscreants and schmedricks….Truly twice-baked windbags..

Please, Oh my dear savior, Elohim… Please Create in me a clean heart, O GOD.

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