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Obama says he supports Israels ‘right to defend itself‘.  This is 100% bullshit.  Complete.  Tell it to the people of Libya, who now have the Muslim bro’hood in charge BECAUSE of Obama.  Tell it to the people of Egypt, ditto same situation as Libya.  Tell it to the Syrians & Christian Syrians who are fighting off Al Qaeda who Obama and Hitlery aided.  You can fool dumbbell “Jews” that voted for your sorry ass, but you aint’ foolin me, you Muslim lunatic.

Obama sent 1.2 billion USD to the Muslim bro’hood.  He is so full of crap, his eyes are brown–they are brown, anyway.

You can click here to see he is, as usual, full of shit.  Don’t worry Jew haters.. He hates Israel, he is YOUR dream come true.
 Dont lose heart…
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