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Of course you all know there was no ‘war on women.’  It was ALL trumped up bullshit to re-elect the faggot from Kenya.

Take a good look at the lying propaganda that helped Hussein’s campaign/election it was all over:

Women in 2012 are free to:
Have a good job and get paid even more than men.
Go to work and raise brats without any accountability.
Have $4.00 birth control.
Pretend they are equal to men.
Treat men like dogs. (Especially white males)
Have dildos bigger than eggplants.
Dress like sluts. Act like whores and chauvinists.
Sleep with women, and even animals (beastiality)
Disrespect mothers who stay at home.
Win sole custody, alimony, and beat their children by pretending they are depressed.
Murder babies.
Fake pretense rapes.

There is NO ‘war on women’.  There never was.

`Anyone that actually believed that crap is a total idiot. Congratulate yourselves, Marxist women.. You put in a Muslim from Kenya who will enslave you. Good.  I will be happy.  Hopefully, we will watch lib-women bow to allah and have to submit to their radical Jihadi husbands….very soon, God willing.

American women are constantly complaining about where the men are.  Well, you emasculated men and now you want them to ‘take your country back.’

Suffer, you bitches.

Yes, SADLY… I, too, am an American woman.  And, quite frankly, its embarrassing.
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