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All eyes are on Petraeus and his gal-pal.  In fact, they are having an all-out massacre on the lady.   I am reading this mornings headlines and it’s all about ‘sex scandal & affair‘   As bad as a sex scandal is, it is nothing compared to what happened in Benghazi.  Nobody was murdered in the sex-capades.  4 people were murdered in Benghazi.  Benghazi is Obama’s impeachment, but now the focus is on Petraeus being prosecuted by the military for adultery.

So, you are all being had by the media.  

Look at the headlines all over, yourselves (Today’s news):

With Paula Broadwell, Gen. David Petraeus let his guard down – The 

Uneasy questions, few answers in Petraeus sex scandal

Details of Petraeus affair emerge as scandal engulfs Gen. John Allen

Witnesses: FBI Raids Home of Petraeus Mistress 

Petraeus Could Be Prosecuted by Military for Adultery

Reports: Holder Knew of Petraeus’s Affair for Months

This is the real news:



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