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Look forward to hearing how men are irrelevant. Men are stupid. Men suck. Men are worthless. Throw rocks at boys.   Twat-talk, 24/7.   Women rule with their vagina the same way men used to only think with their penis.

  I remember back in the day when many men were male chauvinists, they went on and on about their schlongs constantly.  Now, it is women that have that very same attitude,  they are openly merciless.  Women in power are the WORST.  Ask a waitress if she would rather wait on 500 men or 5 women. She will tell you, that she would rather wait on 1,000 men over one bitchy female.  Women want to be men, except they can’t control their emotions.  Hillary also proved that women are much more murderous; “We came, we saw, he died.”  I rest my case.

16 Democrats and four Republicans

Women will hold 20 seats in the Senate, a record high. In the House Democratic caucus, it’s projected that white men will no longer be a majority.

Read how Women will rule men & America during our worst time in history.  I hope men are happy, face the fact that you did nothing to stop it.

But a vagina costume, especially white men. You will need it for the anti male genocide.


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