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Academia is the new cult.. Where Marxist professors teach only their progressive views and contempt for our once great nation. These youngsters haven’t the experience or “education” to be able to choose a philosophy of their own. Only hip comments and sarcasm… They’ll learn though, in time.. Because what they think they voted for is not what they’re going to get!  Socialism bankrupts nations. People’s money runs out, morons.

BUT: What is sickening, disgusting and astonishing to me is that I had a couple of other bloggers and posters that thought Romney would win.  They said ‘the best was yet to come.’  I rebuked them for their stupidity, and instead they turned on QV & me for warning them.  What say these morons now?  I told ya’ all you were coming under a dictatorship and instead you shit on me for warning you, harassed me with telephone calls… Dumb assholes.


Obama IS a Communist. Period.  These TREACHEROUS M’F’ckers made sure they were quiet for 4 years so they could move in for the kill… Well, here is the solution when they come a knockin:

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Obama Youth Voters Cheer for Karl Marx and Socialism at Election Night Rally (Video)

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