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Up here where I live, we are working on seceding from this tyrannical, evil Obama and his illegal occupying, criminal invaders.  IF you are a Conservative, come and move to AZ and HELP US.  There has to be SOME PLACE that people who love God and freedom can go to. PLEASE move here. PLEASE.  Leftists, stay the f’ck out, you are HATED here with a passion. Everyone up here hates liberals.  So, stay in your own sicko, debaucherous states.

The Constitution does recognize states as sovereign, and specifies that no new state can be carved out of an existing state without the consent of that state. West Virginia was created in violation of the clear language of the Constitution. However, nothing in the Constitution denies the right of secession to the states. And since the states had the right of secession prior to the adoption of the Constitution, unless they specifically surrendered that right (and they didn’t), then they still retain that right.

Can Arizona Secede from the United States?  We’re workin on it!



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