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Did this piece of filth look at his own ugly ass in the mirror?? He looks pretty white to me..  If many ‘liberal’ Jews wonder why so many people can’t stand their ugly asses, all they need to do is look at Frum.  Look at that nose-what a schnaaz.  And…that forehead. Sh’t, you could ski off of it.  And just look at that mouth, very big from so much sucking.

BUT, here is the great news… you know who is really over, Frum?


In two more months  the Bolshevik-leftist rag (Newseek) will no longer be in print.. So, who is REALLY over, Frum??  YOU.   Pot. Kettle. Black… and a ha ha ha. 

This is one of his last entries for Newsweek propaganda:


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