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I am watching the news and am so happy and joyful. I HAD to post. My husband was upset for me last night (spending countless hours fighting the Commie fascist and losing) and he put the blog on private. BUT, you know meeeee!!!  

I had to rejoice right now-watching COMMUNIST NYC and Long Island getting a douse of reality for their Bolshevik vote on behalf of the insane Muslim, Obama.   A HUGE Nor’Easter is hitting the evil states.  I am over-joyed. Of course, not for our few friends that have chosen to live in the Babylonian east, but for the rest that voted for the foreign usurper-HA HA HA….

AND: Expect more destruction: Maine and Maryland have pushed through faggot marriage… PRAY that these states get hit with whatever Elohim brings TO them.  I hope that they are hit by fire and hail. 


Turn to him and we WILL see his salvation!

It is good to want an end to evil, even if we get hurt in the process.

If you cannot comment, I am sorry. I dont want to talk. A very few of you have my email.  Blessings.

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