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I am not a reporter, just a person that is angry with what has happened to my country for 20 plus years.  I never claimed to be a writer or even brilliant. I am an artistic person.  I got involved in politics many years ago as I watched illegals taking over Calif.  

However, I have been writing about the Libyan and Egyptian crisis since it started. As well as QV. You can see most of my posts right here:  Libya. The Libyan crisis is going exactly as planned.  Many blogs/websites, etc will not EVER hear that America is wrong.  Well, they are wrong.  Look at the Libyan clusterf’ck.  This is Hillary, Jarrett and Powers in play, they enraged the Arab Spring, the Arab sring spilled into Libya.  Hillary, Powers, etc were overjoyed about this, and They supplied the Libyan terrorists with fire-power. They demanded Gadaffi step down (Who the hell are they to make such demands?) When he didn’t step down, they assisted in murdering Libya’s leader, Gadaffi. They sat back while he was sodomized and killed. Hillary laughed. Said ‘We came, we saw, he died.’  Gadaffi didn’t ‘die’,  she helped murder him.  A violation that is AGAINST the rules of engagement which we set up many decades ago by executive order, I believe.  (Assassination of leaders in other countries)

We sent U.S. Boots on the Ground in Libya.  FOX & all other news stations reported it & the Pentagon confirmed it.  Months after we assisted in killing Gadaffi, there is a terrorist attack in Benghazi.. (This is a shocker?)  We caused it.  Chris Stevens, US ambassador to Libya is KIA.  Now, the White house is ‘covering this up?’  


The MSM refused to report what was happening in Libya. They refused to say that the White house enabled terrorists. The cover up is the MSM. The cover up is every single news station that LIES to the American people on a daily basis.

Now, we have the hardly-ever-right, liberal, Kucinich saying that “America is responsible for Libyan attack” and ‘Conservatives’ cry foul?  Jim Hoft, (who I DO deeply respect) says: Disgusting… Democrat Kucinich Blames US for Consulate Attacks. 

NO, Mr. Hoft, Kucinich is correct.  And, America, as usual refuses to recognize it’s national sin. The Libyan massacre is a cover up, alright.  But the facts are the facts: The Bolshevik media is the one that kept it covered.  Covered because they take orders directly from the Obama White House.

Check out The Ulsterman, the most brilliant man on the net: Obama Benghazi Massacre Cover Up Timeline

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