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NOW: I am very angered.  I reported that Wasserman Shultz photo & news and everyone else took credit.  (It’s wasn’t even important news, but you plagiarists do this all the time to me) The Hill took credit for MY article/picture, Buzzfeed, The Blaze,& many others.  I think it is absolutely disgusting that big blogs and sites rip off little blogs.  They even had the audacity to say; “We found this on the net.”  they didn’t find it, they read our blog and take what they feel like taking…

 I ALWAYS link directly to the originator.

So, you obey the same blog etiquette rules that I do,  Do not take my pictures.  You link DIRECTLY TO ME.  WITH MY NAME.  If you are embarrassed because I am inflammatory, that is your issue.  I am in a fight, this is not a garden party.  Nobody said you had to ‘agree with me.’ Yes, I curse, as if I have no reason to curse…

So, do NOT take MY ideas without mentioning me.  All of you.  Dont give me that crap that it’s ‘information.’  I don’t want to hear it. I’m all for info, with a LINK AND MY NAME.  I am a daughter of the American Revolution & Native American by my father. MY voice is SUPPOSED TO BE HEARD.  I mean it. I have DMCA copywrite on this website.

So, you link, or I just sue for copy-write.


FOX Nation,The Blaze, Buzzfeed: All Reporting On MY Wasserman Shultz Pic & Article That I Reported

The Democrat Party Is FINISHED. It Will Be FOREVER Known As A People Of Treason & Lies

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