Did any of you watch McCain on Hannity? Is this moron frickin insane?  Did he get up and eat stupid for breakfast?  Now, I know that most people don’t agree with my thoughts (‘left or right’) because I have become hardened because of our evil government…..But this clownass thinks that Libya is moderate?  Nothing about the Ambassador and 3 others. Isn’t he our damned Senator??

Just, ‘Libya is a wonderful democratic state that got to vote because Gadaffi was ousted….’  He was spewing this “Democracy” bs as pictures of Libya AND Egypt are on FIRE in the background.  If that is this asshat’s version of what moderate is…What is his version of peace??  

Breaking News -  CCAIN: NO!! Not the Straight Jacket! They are moderates..they are moderates, they are moderates..!! DR HACKEMOFF: Just open your mouth Senator for your 300 mg of Thorazine.

It’s official…McCain is NUTS.  Either that, or just plain blind as a bat.

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