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Did Hillary’s Tool, Chris Stevens Suffer The Same Fate As Gaddafi (Sodomized/Raped?) Hat tips & Thanks to Mr. John Prewett for helping us get to the bottom of this story:

A few websites on the net are outraged that Hillary’s stooge, Chris Stevens was killed….And before they killed him, they raped/sodomized him? Last night, DEBKA reported that Ambassador Stevens was Acclaimed As Hero~He slipped Into Libya On Cargo Ship; Helped Jihadist ‘Rebels’ against Gaddafi

Was Ambassador Stevens raped before he was killed? Google translations say yes..

SO-We are outraged because Hillary’s tool, Communist (Chris Stevens) was raped, possibly sodomized…but NO outrage of Libyan’s fallen leader, who was sodomized and killed by the Muslim bro’hood (JIHADISTS) who Obama and Hitlery aided and helped to install into power??  Look at this video which shows Gaddafi sodomized (GRAPHIC).  We are not Gadaffi ‘supporters’ here, but that’s not the issue.. It is the hypocrisy.. I thought that American leaders did not assassinate other leaders??? Or aid in an atrocity like that?? That is war crime.

Even Bush, as bad as he was didn’t do this…

Stevens said:   he “was thrilled to watch the Libyan people stand up and demand their rights” during the 2011 revolution, which ousted Gadhafi. 

(In other words: He was happy the Muslim bro’hood got into power)

I’m Sorry.. But-I’m calling it as I see it.

The Communist/Bolshevik/Progressive/Left-wing/Marxists are MY enemy.  THEY are the ones that are screwing up MY nation and the rest of the world. What ya put down, ya pick up.  That’s the game.  Don’t want to play the game AmeriKans?  Get off the board.

I will not EVER ‘feel’ patriotic or ANY sympathy for Commie-leftists-EVER. EVER. Killed or not killed. They are NOT Americans, not the way I know Americans are supposed to be. They are treacherous and employ traitorous behavior.


 Stevens youth years were lived in Piedmont, up to his undergraduate years at UC Berkeley (Commie freak ‘school’) and studied at Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco.

And here is another thing to ponder upon: Obama nears agreement with Muslim Brotherhood-led govt to forgive $1 Billion debt

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