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Did you read the disgusting behaviour of Madonna?

Sodom & Gomorrah America’s aging Whore Madonna, in Russia for a concert and promoting LBGT called the 3 Russian pussies jailed for their lewd acts in the Cathedral of the Christ Saviour, Moscow, courageous. She donned a balaclava like those worn by Pussy Riot.

Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin tweeted: “Every Whore tends to lecture everybody with age. Especially during world tours and concerts ….Moscow will not accept western “preaching” on human rights and democracy”   A message Putin has repeatedly delivered during 12 years in power.

The 3 Russian pussies had stormed the altar of Russia’s main Cathedral employed by the Communists in the 1920s to intimidate and drive away believers from churches
and other places of worship. In this case , disturbing the peace and gross criminal trespass.

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is private property, owned by the Russian Orthodox Church.
Ageing, getting uglier by the day Madonna should storm the Cathedral in NYC or anywhere else and see what happens.

Russia made a big mistake in allowing such LBGT trash to perform and pollute their land.
Next time, Russia should direct all American LBGT trash should perform in Mecca and Medina and tell the House of Saud to stop punishing their women and give those women freedom from the current tyranny. After all, isn’t Satan America’s US Secretary of State screaming at the world democracy, human rights ? Don’t you agree that Saudi Arabia needs democracy, human rights most sorely?

What say you Amerikaners? She’s your LBGT trash.


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