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WAR-MONGERING Hillary Wants A War IN Syria. Russia Says: Ok Bitch, We Will Meet You There With Our Troops….Right here…

Obama and the Jezebel, SOS – Clinton want to start a war with Russia and China; Add N. Korea in the mix.  N. Korea currently is teaching their children to ‘hate the American bastards‘.   This is so great, huh?  Sends a little tickle straight up my leg, watching what these stupid, asinine, debaucherous democrats (Commies) do on a daily basis to destroy America and try to destroy the rest of the world.    This bitch and her queer-ass prez/usurper, BHO have set the cold war back in motion times 5,000.

An immoral people will be defeated.   America is immoral.  Read Sun Tsu, the Art of War and why morality is the most important virtue in war.   America will never be able to beat Russia, China AND N. Korea.  Got me?    We do not have will here at home to oust these tyrants.    And these same tyrants refuse to allow our troops to shoot back.  Its a no-win.   We WILL lose on our own soil.   Remember why we lost; The DEMOCRAT PARTY and their enablers: The GOP and our refusal to hang every last traitor against America.

See what N. Korea is teaching their children: Demonizing Americans  Something America is not EVER Allowed to do because of the Commies and the Jew-haters (enemies within) who  LOVE, love, LOVE  Muslims & Islam and that would be a huge no-no to make Islam look bad… (Boo fking hoo)..


GO TO HELL, Hillary SODOM Clinton.

New Year With Armani


Tell ya all something… NEVER in my life did I want to see America just fail.  But the only way to revive a remnant is to actually pray for this monster to fail. The monster is a demonic, now. It must die.

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