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The BASTARD In Chief, Obama Has Finalized Plans To Attack Syria & Help Jihadists-Sealing The Fate Of America.  This means that the piece of shit, Obama has started a war with Russia and China. 

CNN reports Friday afternoon, that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad.  And, I cannot believe how many ‘rightists’ are actually with Obama in this.  Duped. Brainwashed dopes. The people that Assad is having to fight are JIHADISTS. The same as what happened in Libya and Egypt. Now, the Muslim bro’hood and Sharia are starting to rule Libya and Egypt you dummies..
  These ‘conservatives’  are Jihadists as well, if they are for the attack of Syrias leader.  How in the hell can these people be conservative?  You are NOT supposed to attack anyplace without congressional approval. How is a Syrian attack making America free????  If we get nuked, or there are bombs all over America in the near future, dont say I didn’t warn you.
I shall prepare to kiss my ass goodbye.