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Michelle Obama Wore a Naeem Khan gown (big-time designer for stars) at some W.H. gala a short time ago.  NONE of his gowns are less than 10K. Same as Jason Wu, and McQueens gowns.. $650 for a pair of boots, that she DID buy!   That could feed a whole community, I thought they were community organizers!?..   Is Manchelle spending all of this money on clothes? And if she is not outright buying these dresses and they are only donated…Do not people have feelings??  Has this BROAD have no shame at all?   People are homeless, hungry, out of work..   Are we are paying for her hoggish, lavish, piggish, over-spending ways?   This is a disgusting display of arrogance.  
I have heard they were picking on Mrs Romney for spending her OWN money, on her clothes, yet the usual leftist spew says *ZERO* about Mrs. Obama’s extravagant life-style…Of course not, we owe her!!! For what? For putting her ANCESTORS through ’400′ years of oppression!  MY family didnt put anybody through anything. MY family was busy fighting to keep Iroquois territory.  I owe these people ZERO.  So, evidently, she wants to make the whole rest of the country suffer for something that happened 140+ years ago!!
This is total Bulls’it… &

We are the SUCKERS!

[In a Jason Wu, $12k or more gown:]

The rest of us are singing a much different tune..

We need to reach out and help our fellow SANE Americans. Help that man on the street, buy him a sandwich.. Buy that older vet on the street, AND homeless – a big dinner and thank him..

Your reps won’t, and MOO-Chelle sure as the hell won’t!

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