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Racist Black Blogger Says: “White CRACKER Man Beaten With Hammer In Sanford, FL Deserved Every Blow” (Obviously, he does not read the news, as Zimmerman is VERY Hispanic)  Sounds like the black version of the KKK, who used to say “I killed me a nigger, and I aint sorry“….Same thing, only black.

This is what these people really think of whites, you all better wake your asses up, that means you stupid, idiot white-liberals that have enabled this EVIL behavior.

Name, Email address & IP withheld for TOS purposes.  I would advise all gun club owners/gun clubs that this is what is happening at their ranges.


Contact the NRA, tell them. Print this up with the original comment


N. Turner

Your pathetic blog…It is to laugh. The cracker allegedly “beat with a hammer” deserved every blow! I hope he dies a slow painful death. I hope he only gains enough consciousness to feel an agonizing death. I don’t want him to remember his puke family at all…his last memory should be getting his cranium cracked wide open.

P.s. Lol @ you peckerwoods thinking you’re the only ones prepared! I’m at the range weekly…I always take 2 or 3 with me!

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