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The Tulsa Killer (Jake England’s) Father Was Murdered By A Black Man 2 Years Ago~WHERE WAS THE OUTRAGE?

There is no justifying murder. Jake England murdered 3 innocent black people.  He deserves prison.  But, where was the outrage for Jake Englands father, 2 years ago?  England says below ‘he is gone in the head.‘  Obviously, he acted out in grief and insanity.

Jake England’s father was murdered two years ago in Tulsa by Pernell Jefferson.

Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32. They were taken into custody  in Tulsa. (Free Republic)

This happened under the Obama watch.  We will have to investigate if his fathers murder was named a race/hate crime. Because these murders WILL be named racial/hate crimes.  Things HAVE to change, or we will see more and more of this insanity.  People all over are calling for the death of this man.  If he gets death, its only fair if his fathers murderer gets death.

FB picture H/T~Gateway Pundit

jake father

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