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I am so disgusted and mad, I could spit all over this computer screen.  It is one thing to hate Jews, fine, so?

……….But to murder Jews and to act out on hate is murder, and this man should be hung by his balls. Its one thing to call us every name in the book, so?


WORLD: You WILL pay the price.. There are evil Jews, no doubt about it. There is evil in all walks of life.. But these religious Jews being shot for Gaza (OCCUPIED ISRAEL?) Bull.  IT IS JEW-HATRED. These people minded their own business, as religious Jews do. And they got shot, just for being JEWS.

NO MERCY for this sub-human MONSTER. Let him beg “allah” for his murderous soul.


Tragedy: Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his sons Arieh, 5, and Gabriel, 4, were gunned down on Monday. Miriam Monsonego, daughter of the school's headteacher, was also killed


Funeral: Israelis pictured gathering around the bodies of the four shooting victims today, before they were taken to their graves in a Jerusalem cemetery

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