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Once in a while, I visit “Incogman”, (No, I dont like him, he does not like me), but every once in awhile, he posts some horrid attacks against white people. I saw he had this article posted: Harvard Magazine.com, “Abolish the white race”

The Bolsheviks that have written this book, entitled “Race traitor” is beyond disturbing. It calls for white men and white women to be destroyed. He does not even give the white people the benefit of the doubt of being ‘deconstructed’, as he put it.

Is this what the ‘liberals’ learn at Harvard? I believe so.  So, is there any wonder in anyone’s mind why our current CIC is a racist himself? He supposedly went to Harvard.  White people have absolutely NO protection against such attacks. We do not have an “SPLC” that bats for us, or an ADL that would stop such slander and defamation.  Yet all of the ‘minorities’ do have protected status.  We have got to start a program to help victims of black/minority on white crime. 

The person/s that wrote the post and book  are murderous racists in total denial. Racism is racism, period. I have already sent an email demanding them to take this inflammatory article down.  People!!!!! WE CANNOT JUST SIT HERE while people are openly calling for us to be DESTROYED. You would not EVER see an article like this against a black or a Latino, and you know it.  How the hell long are we going to put up with this EVIL? How long will the MSM allow us to be beaten, raped and robbed????

You tell me who is suffering the racism! (See below)

There IS a genocide against white people and there are MURDERERS calling for it, out in the open.  H/T: New Nation.


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