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David Yeagley is a man I admire very much.  He SHOULD be the President of the United States. He is super-spiritual. I was reading his website today, and to my dismay, I came across this one picture that left me weeping out of control.  His post sums up what type days are ahead. 

We have refused to repent., (as a whole) We now bless enemies and curse allies.   

This is what is awaiting us, and already happening:

An underweight longhorn stands in a field near Stoneham in Grimes County, Texas, in an area that was part of a 5,000-acre wildfire in June. (Jay Janner/AP)

I wish that I had read Mr. Yeagley’s post on one of  the weekdays, that way more people could see what he has written:  When No Man Can Buy or Sell

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