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My prediction for the 2012 elections is not too bright. In fact, I see dark days ahead and even darker.

  I am not a Republican, simple reason; The Republicans are the weakest party in the planet, in my opinion.  They had the whole house and senate during Bush and did nothing but ‘progress’ through liberal policy, they forsook the Constitution, and spent into oblivion, and the worst liberal policy; stripping our troops overseas of ample ammunition. Staying in a war FOREVER when we could have just blown away enemies in a day. The borders are wide open, thanks to GWB ~ who everyone that is a Republican is madly in love with, to THIS day.  Sickening to me.

  The Republicans, namely John McPAIN and Palin are neo-conservatives or liberal/lites.  Especially McPAIN.  He is the worst. The sob ran as a Conservative in the last election, and Palin BOTS listened to Palins every word here in AZ and voted in the Liberal slime, (who SHE endorsed) The open border monster, McPAIN, AGAIN:  SHE endorsed the rat. McPAIN never said a word while us little ‘nobodies’ here on the net started seeing Obamas “COLB” as a fraud back in 2008. I blame McPAIN for this ‘birther’ crap. I most certainly do. This ‘birther’ propaganda is alive today, thanks to MCPAIN, RINO -LIBERAL Scum. And if you needed to look any deeper to see that McPAIN is a liberal, take a good look at his off-spring (Daughter).


My prediction for 2012:

Obama will win in a landslide.

  Yep. That is what is going to happen. Why? Because the GOP is weak.

  This is what will happen after OBAMA the FOREIGN USURPER gets in, in 2012-Nov:  Your worst nitemare-YOU WILL SPREAD YOUR WEALTH OR DIE.  Obama will push, (with his wife) this carrots are healthy Stalin crap until you are hungry, because there WILL be a massive food crisis. Count on it.  Gold will mean nothing when you are dying for food, and as Obama spends America into a ditch that will utterly be so deep, we will never get out. The “NWO” is not a conspiracy.  Because the money markets will be beyond pathetic, the USA will submit to a sick, NWO money system-we are too weak, lack the moral compass to stand up to the Marxist/Bolsheviks in power.

  Men have forsaken their roots, bowed to the phoney, bogus, race-hustling of the left. MEN are paralyzed as well, by women. They lack the morals to shoot these leftist enemies. Obama’s picture will be on billboards, and if you think that the names they call you now are bad….JUST WAIT.  It will be like NAZI-Germany, late 1930’s for right, white, conservatives, patriots, Christians–and Jews:  You religious, right-minded Jews WILL suffer the most. Why? Because you will be blamed for everything, because people always attack the little ones.  History shows us that, so Jews that are right minded- GET LOCKED AND LOADED.

  Many left wing Jewish scum will flee to Israel, but they won’t be welcome there.. So, you left wing Jewish sub-humans?  NOBODY likes you.  There is a left-wing watch now, in Israel BECAUSE of the left wing Jews; who push for ‘gay’ marriage, enabling enemies…ETC.  Obama is a Jew-hater and will forsake Israel to the MAX.  Most of America will forsake Israel as GODS land, and we will face destruction here, like you have never seen.  You think this last week was bad with tornados, just wait until we fall into the hands of the living GOD.  All I can say is PRAY for your survival and your childrens survival- America: YOU HAVE BEEN WEIGHED IN THE BALANCES AND FOUND WANTING.


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