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  America was very modest and women were beautiful at the turn of the last century- they celebrated their beauty, and enjoyed making the men they loved feel good. 

They corsetted their bodies to have  hourglass figures..(although, painful, we can’t deny that it was still beautiful)

  They wore gorgeous, stunning hats with ostrich feathers, carried fans, wore long gloves and had nice manners, they were the epitome of femininity.  

Before the 1920′s came along, women celebrated their beauty:

Painting of Victorian woman

Painting of Victorian woman

   The 1920′s came along and with it Alice Toklas and Gertrude Stein, the 2 lesbo-females that the womens movement today ‘hail to.’  Sure, its nice to be able to vote- but to try to turn things around so much that women wanted to look like men??  Stein, and Toklas were UGLY, BEASTLY females that worked hard for womens rights, but wanted to push their ugly ways on beautiful young women, and they also did this to be degrading to  men, which was sick- IMO..

Toklas & Stein- real sexy huh? :(

Toklas & Stein- real sexy huh? :(

TYPICAL flappers- they started getting MANLY EW!

TYPICAL flappers- they started getting MANLY EW!

  The 1929 crash sent women back into their caves for awhile, and the nation turned back to its roots in Christianty and women took on a more glamorous role to BE WOMEN AGAIN; feminine:

HUGE difference from the 1920s!

HUGE difference from the 1920′s!

  Then the 1940′s came, and women were just DROP DEAD gorgeous! CLASS ACTS.  Their efforts to keep their lips sealed and do EVERYTHING they could at home…simply put, fashion AND hard work, this was THE BEST, most greatest era, and women were PANACHE’ personified! This style is copied today more than ANY OTHER style!



In the 1950′s, women did a complete overhaul and once again had America back.  The era was called “Happy Days”  Women were happy.  My Nana, a tough woman, told me that the best years of her life were the 1950′s..  The dresses were modest with larger ‘bell’ style.  The return of family values were the society,  and it reflected in the ‘dress’ and style of the day:

The modest 50s woman.

The modest 50′s woman.

The 60′s- (EW) came along and with it, debauchery, hippies, sin, sex, acid rock.  It was  a Ssickening ‘style’ -if thats what you want to call it- Hippies were gross  The women looked like SH*T!

The 70′s were just as bad.  Women acted like horses asses.  They had sex with everyone, flaunted their bodies and made themselves into sex objects—but along with it, they wanted to have “R E S P E C T.” 

The 80′s came, THANK GOD! I am so glad I lived through the 80′s!!! Women were gorgeous once again!

People say: “WHY?”  It is easy to say ‘why?!’ 


Nancy Reagan is WHY.  She was a lady.  She brought back love for AMERICA- Reagan was a patriot, and so was Nancy.  Women looked fabulous and it was a fun to look like a glamor bombshell!

This is what women strived to look like

This is what women strived to look like

  Whats much is to be said about the 1990′s fashion?? Tatoos? Bad noise they call music? Bill Clinton?? HILLARY?? EW! 

They have no identity.  So, really -no fashion, so they turned over to looking like whores.. The 2000′s are here, and women  look like sluts!  No more to say- but they look like sluts- dressed for one purpose: To have sex. 


They have degraded themselves so badly, that it looks beyond hope.  They add insult to injury by saying they are ‘feminists’  BS! They are the opposite of ‘feminine’ and they only let their bodies get used.



:( !

People……………Do NOT think for a minute that the Eye in the sky isn’t looking at you………….

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