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I interviewed Mark Harding in 2007 on my banned radio show, “P——- Loud N Clear”. He has, since, become a very nice acquaintance of mine. This is what Pastor Mark says: 

Go to fullsize imageFor God’s sake open your eyes!
The more we give in to the Islamic way of life, laws and teachings, the more Islamic terrorists we will have. The more we fight not to have these laws and teachings in our nations, the more Islamic terrorist attacks we have.

My friends I do not hate all the Muslims and I am sure that many feel this way. It is the laws and teachings of Islam I hate. I believe many more are starting to realize that this is a case of being at war with an Ideology, a religious cult and that the enemy is Islam like it or not.
For God’s sake open your eyes. Either we will be forced to except Islam, with all its barbaric laws and teachings, or we must rid our nations of Islam. You think this is a harsh thing to say? How far will our police force, spy agency or our military fail to catch the next plot of Islamic destruction or murder?
Burning the Quran, preventing women from doing as they are told by their Muslim masters, “the Muslim men” to wear the Burka, or trying to prevent Muslim men and women and their children from being killed by these Islamic honor killings, or just for deciding to leave the religion of Islam (apostasy), these are all considered an insult to Islam. But we must do this, it is necessary to maintain our freedoms, for us and our families. Islam has got to go. Or will we allow our nation of Canada, where our children grow live and raise our grandchildren, to bend our freedoms, our way of life, to suite the likes of a terrorist cult? France is at war with Islam, so to is much of Europe. 
Please, open your eyes and you will see. Open your ears and you will hear the cries of Christians being persecuted in all Islamic societies in the world today. Why? Because they are Christians and Islam teaches to hate the Jews and the Christians and every other person who does not bow down to their god Allah or his false prophet Muhammad. The Muslims have been ordered to fight and kill all until the world is Islam.
As a Christian I see that Muslims need to hear the gospel. The more we trust in God, the true God the only God the God of Israel, the faster those who follow Islam will see and hear the truth.

Muslims are caught up in a religious cult that forces them to obey its satanic teachings of murder and destruction. The more the Christian Church shares the truth of Jesus with Muslims in love, perhaps God be willing, the more they will open their eyes and ears to His truth of our King and Savior Jesus Christ.

For God’s sake open your eyes to this Islamic invasion of our nation and help me to share the truth of Jesus with them in Canada.

Mark Harding

The Christian Standard 

WND report on Harding: Punishment includes<br>Islam indoctrination

You can email him: tcsnews@hotmail.com

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