This is an urgent message, you must read this. I, and my bloggers will NO longer link to ANY article via copy/pasting. The link will be here and thats it.  You will have to click the link and go to its original source.

  When we find a news-story, we will write about it without going ‘viral’ via newspapers.  You do your own research. We do not want lawsuits on this blog. Pictures that we use, we search out carefully, and usually only use thumbnail so that photographer gets his/her/their credit.

We have heard disturbing and shocking news from a friend. He/She/They and their blog are being sued. You must pay attention, because these people, whoever they are, “RightHaven” are suing anybody and everybody. They will sue you for thousands.  Usually my bloggers talk about our own stories, but because of this witch hunt, we will no longer copy/paste..  We will write our own, and suggest you all do the same. This post will stay at the top of the page. If we are asked to take a photo or article down, we will do that asap, no questions asked. As of August, we will only use from 3 trusted websites.  Youtubes are linked here. If one wishes a Youtube taken down, just ask, or email us.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME OR MY BLOGGERS who my friends are that these nuts are suing. Thank You.

(We now only use: Michael Savage, WND, The Conservative Monster as news sources.)

One of Breitbarts Bloggers says:Righthaven Lawsuits: A Chilling Effect on the Blogosphere?

Please read this here:

Please Read this here:

When in doubt, please consult the official copyright rules and guidelines.

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* Greenwood Democrat – Greenwood, AR
* Hot Springs Village Voice – Hot Springs Village, AR
* Jacksonville Patriot – Jacksonville, AR
* Lonoke Democrat – Lonoke, AR
* Morning News of Northwest Arkansas – Springdale, AR
* Paris Express – Paris, AR
* Pine Bluff Commercial – Pine Bluff, AR
o The Market Place
o The White Hall Progress
* Press Argus Courier – Van Buren, AR
o Alma Journal
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* Southwest Times Record – Fort Smith, AR
* The Maumelle Monitor – Maumelle, AR
* The Times – North Little Rock, AR
* Van Buren County Democrat – Clinton AR
* Washington County Newspapers
o The Lincoln Leader
o The Prairie Grove Enterprise
o The Farmington Post


* 808 Classifieds – Hilo, HI
* Big Island Weekly – Hilo, HI
* Hawaii Tribune-Herald – Hilo, HI
* North Hawaii News – Waimea, HI
* West Hawaii Today – Kailua-Kona, HI
o North Hawaii News
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o Westside Weekly


* McDonald County Newspapers
o The Anderson Graphic The Goodman News-Dispatch
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o The McDonald County Press
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o El Tiempo


* Ely Times – Ely, NV
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* Las Vegas Review-Journal – Las Vegas, NV
o View Neighborhood Newspapers
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o Las Vegas CityLife
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o New Homes Guide
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* Pahrump Valley Times – Pahrump, NV
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North Carolina

* Courier-Tribune – Asheboro, NC


* Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise – Bartlesville, OK
* Pawhuska Journal-Capital – Pawhuska, OK


* The Daily Herald – Columbia, TN
o The Advertiser News Of Spring Hill And Thompson’s Station
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