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SEE: Every White man, woman, and child should be tortured and exterminated 

 “This is a perfect example of what many blacks think of white people.  (No, not all) This pathetic piece of drek came to a Jewish forum and said these very nice things you see below.  

  The left wing assassins, slave masters of America would have you think that this type of slander and threats against whites are unheard of… Please.. & We got bridges in Brooklyn to sell ya…WHERE is the ACLU to round this prick up, hunt him down, and smoke him out of the projects in Harlem?  Or does this not count in your book, you friggin HYPOCRITICAL BACK STABBING BASTARDS.


The White race, or human excrement, is the most vile, wicked, hideous, satanic creature that has ever existed on Earth. Past and present they are responsible for most of the world’s wars, slavery, colonialism, lynchings, mass murder, serial killings, rape, land theft, economic exploitation, hatred, lies, and every other evil deed possible. Travel all over the non-White world and ask the natives which “people” they hate most and the White devil will be the most common answer. It’s a fact that they are the most universally hated. The pig-faced crackers on this forum are angry that their piece of drek of a race will soon thankfully be destroyed.

The only reason why the White devil was able to successfully conquer non-Whites was because non-Whites mistook them for human and gave them the benefit of the doubt. The White devil saw that some non-Whites were hostile to another and exploited this situation to their advantage. They would arm and assist one tribe to conquer another and kept doing this until the non-Whites wore themselves out and then they’d conquer everyone. Today, non-Whites, or humans, have become aware of this devilish tactic and so there is now unity to oppose the cracker. The White devil has never defeated any non-White nation since then. America was defeated in Vietnam. The Soviet Union was defeated in Afghanistan. America is being defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan and soon will be replaced as a superpower by China.

  The best way to exterminate all crackers is by a Black-led race war. The clean and honorable Blacks that raped, tortured, dismembered, mutilated, set on fire, and executed these cracker scum should be role-models and idols for all non-Whites around the world:

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