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Whats up with Obama? Why does he refuse to just go get a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE, like I had to– to get the title of my car (which was lost.) 

Look, I really dont give a damn if people think I am nuts… Usually they are projecting their own nuttiness.. But I have been on this damned story since 06/08, and it gets a little SICKENING that a person that is OCCUPYING my W.H. gets a pass for ONE reason….. They can use the race card because he is BLACK. End of story. 

It is the same scenerio with leftist ADL Jewish people that scream ‘anti-semitism’ when none exists, when people question their left wing Marxism.  They stop the B.C. questioning by saying “THATS RACIST” – or “THATS ANTI-SEMITIC!”  -Well, who gives a damn.  We want the truth, thats the bottom line with this issue.

Look at this as well:

^^^This video is solely for the search of someone who downloaded the utube that used to be posted at Utubes Google, but was scrubbed or removed. We know it was here as the host left its trace and many saw it. We are searching for who out there who may have downloaded a copy, as we are trying to obtain one to compare it to what we have.

The Utube includes a scene where Alan Keyes (pre or post) his second debate 2004 with Barack Obama when he was competing for the IL Senate Seat…in an offstage, nonformal recording, that was captured on film by as personal camrecorder. He was caught admitting he was not running for President, so his Citizenship should not be a concern. This occurred when questioned by Alan Keyes on his Natural Born Citizenship…again it was a ‘side stage’ comment, not a professionally video as seen on Alan Keye’s website. Email trthseeker5@gmail.com with information.

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