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See this post:  Tommy Motolla LIES About Beyonce’ Being “Worlds Greatest Singer”-He Just STILL Has The Ass At Mariah Carey

……And this is what is considered ‘the best-of the best’ in Entertainment today. 

Today’s “best” could never ‘cut it’ back in the day when you needed real talent, in other words, these fruit-loop sex objects would have been laughed straight off the stage, in fact Vaudeville would have told them to get lost, you trashy wenches!

The reason their music videos/cds SELL, is because, they come on the stage almost NAKED, backed by a bunch of wriggling women, who are also almost naked, doing syncronized aerobic moves, and then they have the audacity to say “That’s dancing?!”

Now, Beyonce is semi-attractive, but come ON, Mariah, you are chubby now.  STOP insulting us with saying these people are ‘good singers.’ 


See Beyonce right here- with that flat, aggravating, whiney, like someone stepping on her foot, or kicking-her-in-the GUT-voice:

NY Daily News reported that MARIAH cant hit a single note, so, I am right about this. Mariah you used to be good- but that was before you sounded like a cat in heat. 

Here is REAL VOICE…Etta James…

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