NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability



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NYTimes Editorial: Obama Kills Foreign Civilians Overseas With NO Judicial Oversight Or Accountability


Obama has killed 55 people by drone in the last 3 days in Yemen, Claims all 55 were Al Qaeda, Sure… Click here…

SO, now we are at war in Yemen as well as Ukraine & still wanting to bomb Syria… John McCain is fixing to over-throw Maldova’s government and even the NY Slimes is crying foul over Obama’s killing for a change we can believe in:  Read all about it: NY Times…


For years now, the Obama administration has been playing a self-serving and duplicitous game over its power to kill people away from any battlefield and without judicial oversight or accountability. It has trotted out successive officials and doled out tidbits of information attesting to the legality of President Obama’s claim to unilateral authority to carry out such killings, while withholding information essential to evaluating that aggressive claim of executive power.

Russia’s Putin said that Obama rules by the gun, yet Putin is the Hitlerian fascist??  When do Americans put their heads back on and realize that everything our government is doing is anti Constitutional?  You cannot be pro-Constitution and be FOR this war mongering insanity.   If Bush did this, we would never hear the end of it.  Why does Obama get away with this mass murdering of civilian people?

Obama probably wants to use drones in Nevada against the Bundy’s.

Ukraine Crisis-300 German Intellectuals: US Exploited Ukraine & Has Pattern Of Aggression, Globally


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Ukraine Crisis-300 German Intellectuals: US Exploited Ukraine & Has Pattern Of Aggression, Globally


I wonder what Merkel will think of this…

But….but, USA is so innocent with a wonderful black Messiah in charge!  Surely all of this criticism can’t be true..  So, whats it gonna be, America?  The whole world is wrong and America is right?   We are being criticized and rebuked by well established dignitaries & former Presidents in Eastern EU.  Obama’s MSM refuses to cover this scenario and Pill O’Reilly calls Putin a ‘thug’, even there is no real evidence to support this said thuggery (except jail time for those who undermine Russia) and Putin is not even on the Genocide watch list.  But, USA soon will be…

It is now well documented that the U.S. has exploited the legitimate protests of the Ukrainian people for their own purposes. The pattern is evident form other countries: Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine in 2004, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Venezuela.   Signed by 300+ people (for full list see here)

Whole post (translated) on Global Research CA (Who I can’t stand)  here, hat tip, Lisa

By the way… US put boots on the ground in Poland:  Boots on the ground

Former Czech Pres: US & West Provoked Ukraine Crisis. BINGO.


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Former Czech Pres: US & West Provoked Ukraine Crisis. BINGO.

I do not like to blog about this scenario.  But, I do NOT want WWIII & neither does any sane person.  So, I have to blog about it.

15I suspect that we will see more and more Eastern European politicians and intellectuals tell the world that the Ukrainian SNAFU is the fault of the EU/USA.  Will Americans listen to these other countries?  Nope, to them, Putin is the new Hitler/Stalin even though Stalin/Hitler is in the White House.  Putin is the fascist, even though it is Obama’s feds who had snipers at the Bundy Ranch over cow shit–literally.  America, our fascist is in the White house, not 4000 plus miles away in Russia.

The West and the United States provoked the Ukrainian crisis, former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus said in an interview to Czech television.  “I think that not Russia is to blame for the outbreak in Kiev on the Maidan (Independence Square). Western Europe and the United States aggravated the situation,” he said.

“I had told them from the very beginning not to exert pressure on Ukraine, as it will only destroy and disintegrate it. Unfortunately, that is exactly what has happened,” Klaus said.  At present, in his view, the country is undergoing a difficult stage, and it is hard to “clearly say whether it wants to rely on the West or on Russia.” However, Ukraine should independently decide its own future.  “Let them determine their future for themselves – without any interference from outside,” the former Czech president said.

Read more: here

AND:  Still….. nobody will refute these questions without attacking us, the messengers:

  • Fox news & others do not mention that George Soros was also involved in the Ukraine FUBAR and advises Mr. Putin to join his “Ukraine Renaissance” a day after the fall of Kiev & ousting of pretend ‘tyrant’, Yanukovych:  George Soros calls on the EU, and Germany in particular, to take part in his Ukraine Renaissance. 
  • Fox news & others do not reveal to its listeners that America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search  News for Victoria Nuland, Ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.

HUNDREDS Of Unseen Photos Of Cliven Bundy Ranch Raid


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HUNDREDS Of Unseen Photos Of Bundy Ranch & SWAT Team Fascists:

Shocking Photos From Bundy Raid: Pictures taken by Shannon Bushman & sent to the R. Paul institute.

We only blew one up, but you can observe up to 400 unseen photo’s in the link above.

-David Ben Moshe

@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?


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@SimonOstrovsky, US Journalist Detained In Ukraine By “Pro-Russians” Even Though He Works For Moscow Times?

This is why we have to just report it and wait until the news (all of it) comes out. We have been trying to report both sides of this issue.

I suspect a lot of this will happen.  Mr. Ostrovsky has claimed he is FROM Moscow.  He is not, he is Russian speaking.  Ostrovsky is also vehemently anti-Israel, even though he has residence in Israel.. (Koo koo)    BUT-can someone tell me: WHY do journalists insist on placing themselves in the middle of war zones where they don’t understand the terrain?  Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg come to mind..

US has interfered  in the middle of ANOTHER civil war that it instigated and with no military there, this was bound to happen:

And, that was about all he wrote.

 Here’s the deal:  Most Ukrainians, if not all, ARE Pro-Russian.  People seem to forget that a US/EU backed coup d’etat took place in Kiev in Feb/March.  Which most Ukrainians were NOT in favor of.   Simon Ostrovsky also serves as a reporter for The Moscow Times.  So, it does not make much sense that he would be held by Ukrainians that are Russia friendly.  However, they are UKRAINIAN.  You can say “Pro Russia” ’til you’re blue in the face, but the country is Ukraine where Ukrainians live.  Stop pinning every little incident on Russia.  It’s UKRAINE.

  • Last Updated, 5:49 p.m. | Foreign correspondents in the eastern Ukrainian town of Slovyansk, including  Andrew Roth and Roland Oliphant of The Telegraph, report that one of their number, the Vice News reporter Simon Ostrovsky has been detained by pro-Russia UKRAINIANs who seized power in recent days.
  • In one earlier dispatch, the Russian-speaking Mr. Ostrovsky was filmed dodging a question about where he was from by telling separatists in the city of Donetsk that he was from Moscow.

State Department “Aware” Of Vice Journalist Taken Hostage In Ukraine

Don’t worry, Simon…. Obama’s golfing..

If Vladimir Putin Was A Black Man, America Would WORSHIP Him


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If Vladimir Putin Was A Black Man, America Would WORSHIP Him

Mah Nigga….Putin be chillin!

If Putin was black, he could do no wrong.  If he really DID go into the Eastern European countries and was venomously aggressive, Americans would praise him to the skies.   They would not call him Hitler, they would call him their Messiah.    Americans would sing songs to him and advise him to take over all of the Soviet bloc (The same one NATO is expanding).  They would give him billions of dollars and NEVER sanction him.   Americans would bow down and worship Putin’s blackness.   They would say: “Well, you’re just taking back a country that oppressed their 5% blacks for 1000 years.”  Americans would write lousy rap & hip’hop songs in his honor..  They would help him write affirmative action laws causing whites & Christians to be miserable in Russia.   Yes, Putin would be respected and admired above ALL leaders in the world. Yo dog..

But, Putin is not black, he is a white Christian.  And, solely for THAT reason, America hates him because America despises whites who love God. 


Liberal OR Conservative:  Americans worship blacks and hate whites and allow whites to die horrible deaths here in the great USSA without a peep from the main stream media. If it was reported, they’d be called racists.

Another opinion:

A truly demonic and ruthless Christian-hater George Soros is the emissary designate appointed by this evil empire to orchestrate the demise and final subjugation of the United States and her population, and they are 90% there. How was this be accomplished? By destroying the sanctity of the family and Christendom. They took control by divesting the people of their money and power by emptying the treasury and taking control of the economy.  [Obama Care - The Sunsteins & Emanuel]

More:  http://thelampoonist-american.com/

I Urge Jews To Walk Home From Their Synagogues In Kansas With Glock Semi Auto-Matics


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I Urge Jews To Walk Home From Their Synagogues From Kansas With Glock Semi-automatics


I just read this post:   A reporter in Israel is advising that Jews in Kansas should not be ‘walking home alone,’  because of that Democrat, Frazier NAZI Miller who shot Christians at a Jewish community center..

What?  What the hell is this idiot talking about?  Jews should  buy glock, semi-autos and be prepared to shoot ANYONE that comes within 5 feet of them.  Is this how you walk around in Israel?  Without guns?  No, you don’t.  So, why the hell are you urging this?  We have a law here that protects us from Obama’s nasty sons and Democrats like Miller: It’s called the 2nd Amendment and for this reason (plus a tyrannical government), it was WRITTEN.  To protect ourselves: Jew and non Jew.  Gun control is not only anti American, it is anti life.

Jews against guns is a total oxy-moron and death wish.

All Jews, worldwide, should be packing heat. 

Read it: Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Glock 17 Full Auto Conversion Kit

Communist (Liberals) Announce Their Plans To Purge Christians & Traditional Marriage Enforcers


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Communist (Liberals) Announce Their Plans To Purge Christians & Traditional Marriage Enforcers

These freaks no longer try to hide their intentions now that they’ve seen few Americans fighting back. They want to toss all Christians, Jews, dissidents and nonconformists into the lion’s den …


  The Communist, pro-homosexual fascists are ecstatic that Mozilla CEO, Mr. Eich  has been released from his company which he founded & they are not going to stop pushing their agenda on we the people with him.   They want to continue to punish all CEO’s & people in general that are for traditional marriage or donate to traditional marriage causes.     Of course you all know that ‘gay’ marriage has never been part of our lives until the American and European Gay Nazis decided that they would now demand God to marry & accept them.     And, you will embrace gay militancy or lose your job.   And, if you don’t accept that:  Bend over–you will be forced to accept their homosexuality in the name of ‘tolerance.’    This is not your regular ‘ol, average fruity gay that just wants to be left alone, these are fascistic pagans with no regard for decency, peace, liberty or life.

In an article titled, “Purge the Bigots,” Slate writer William Saletan wrote these words: “Some of my colleagues are celebrating. They call Mozilla’s Eich a bigot who got what he deserved. I agree. But let’s not stop here. If we’re serious about enforcing the new standard, thousands of other employees who donated to the same anti-gay ballot measure must be punished.

“More than 35,000 people gave money to the campaign for Proposition 8, the 2008 ballot measure that declared, ‘Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,’” he continued. “Why do these bigots still have jobs? Let’s go get them.

Let’s go get them. 

Kinda like, “Lets go get those JEWS!”

Read more from “American daily herald” Hat Tip, GoldbugGal

We will NOT accept homosexual fascism or gay militancy. Ever.

Just Some Thoughts…

An art collage from April 2013

I mixed this digi-art last year.

I am still so tired from this 3rd world spore.  I AM feeling better, though.  Doctors gave me another 10 days of anti biotics because this is a difficult spore to rid ones body of.

Anyway, I am frustrated with the TV news, the country, the insanity in eastern EU that USA/EU started.  Seems that I am shouting from the roof-tops about the scenario over there and nobody wants to listen because they have it in their stupid heads that Russia and Putin are the aggressors and the USA is sooooooooo innocent.  (Gag)  I have been reporting this craziness since Nov 2013, not them, but they know it ALL…

That’s my little rant.  I want to thank Grumpy for noticing that I do my homework on Eastern EU.   AND, I hope you all have a nice day.   I am too tired today to do much.  I need more rest. 

It’s a long way there…..



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